More out of your device!

More out of your device!

Please note:

Luminate is currently still in development and has not yet been released. A release date is also not known yet.


What is Luminate?

Luminate is an free innovative smartphone OS based on android and designed to redefine your digital experience. With an elegant and cohesive design, peak performance, top-notch security powered by Google Play Protect, and seamless cross-device connectivity, Luminate offers a new realm of possibilities, uniting aesthetics, functionality, and convenience.

Can I install all my apps?

Yes you can! All apps from the Google Play Store are available!


What we value

When developing Luminate, we focus on the following things

Luminate OS excels with a cohesive and modern design, setting it apart from other systems. Our user-friendly interface ensures seamless interaction, combining stunning visuals with intuitive navigation. Experience the harmony of design and functionality.


At Luminate, we're dedicated to delivering unparalleled performance in every touch. Our OS is finely tuned for speed and multitasking. Experience peak device operation that flawlessly meets your demands. Welcome to unmatched performance.


Luminate prioritizes security, built on Android foundation and fortified by Google Play Protect. Your safety is paramount. With us, enjoy the trusted safeguards of Google Play Protect integrated seamlessly for a worry-free smartphone experience.


Seamless connectivity defines Luminate. Effortlessly share files across Windows, Android, and iOS devices with swift and secure wireless transmission. Embrace a world of hassle-free data sharing, where compatibility knows no bounds.

Our trailer

Here you can get a first overview of Luminate